Auxillary Trill on the same note

I’m updating a piece I wrote in Dorico Pro 2 and some notation got changed.

In Dorico 2 I used the auxiliary note trill on the same note to do harmonic tremolos. When I have the same auxiliary note on in Dorio Pro 3 it just disappears. To work around it I make a trill with and diminished unison and hide accidentals, this was more neat in Dorico Pro 2.

I don’t know if this was the best solution for harmonic trills from the start but I wanted to avoid doing it with an extra voice or grace notes which usual causes layout problems.

Since I’m writing about this in the perfect world I would love to have the diamond as the parenthesized note, so a possibility to change the notehead would be cool.
Or maybe there is a better way to write harmonic tremolos.

Dorico 2 Final Score

Dorico 3 update

In Dorico 3 the auxiliary note is automatically hidden when it is a perfect unison, this is to accommodate some drum notation. However, you can override the notehead style of the auxiliary note by selecting it (or selecting the trill itself) and choosing a different notehead style from the context menu . You’ll find if you override the trill notehead style it won’t be hidden even if it’s a perfect unison.

You can override the notehead to the default notehead, by the way: it doesn’t matter which notehead type you choose, provided the notehead is overridden.