Available now: Cubase 11

it’s - always - this way. It’s never released until first patch.

all new version licenses can run the previous versions. you might have to find someone to give u the download though

thanks a lot:)i have allready installed LE AI elements 10,5 .now i need purchase cubase elements 11 and this key activating my old elements?i have download assistant,e licencer,mysteinberg account.all ok to start?sry my english

You are buying the elements upgrade right? You will be able to use all previous Elements versions with the newest license. You can keep both versions on your computer and use them interchangeably

no,i wanna buy first time cubase,im only installed via download assistant the cubaseLE AI elements 10,5

Okay, just buy whatever you are buying, full version or upgrade. Any new license, will work all previous versions.

thanks alot,ill buy elements 11

I can’t remove recent projects from the Hub. Plus a lot of my plugin GUIs’ are now too small to use.

Yes, I have the same issue! Project names in the Hub(start menu) are not deleted by right-clicking. My platform is Windows 10.

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hi . I hava cubase 10 pro and I want upgrade it to 11 . what should I do?


go to https://new.steinberg.net/cubase/ and choose buy now
choose the option that says “update from 10”

once you get your download code… enter it into steinberg download assistant
and follow the prompts which then upgrades the license on your elicenser

then download the products and install

i have download the trial version of cubase 11. I can’t find the spectralayer one. Included or not in the trial version?

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11 is amazing DAW

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Does CUBASE 11 run on Windows 7?

Not officially, It’s unsupported, may have problems.

Do this at your own discretion and don’t get mad if there are problems:

Essentially, this means, Steinberg is not doing anything to make sure or test that any future Cubase release will work on Windows 7. It may, or may not.

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