AVCHD Video Editing

Does Cubase 6 permit editing of the audio in a AVCHD video file (Sony)?

You can’t actually edit any audio that is within a video file…you always have to extract it first & no Cubase can’t do this with AVCHD.

I use Vegas - I think even the inexpensive Vegas Studio Pro, or whatever they call it (top of their consumer line) will work.

Load the AVCHD video in and export to Quicktime H.263 (any resolution) 48k/16bit. That format works well for me usually.

You can then bring it into Cubase - video and extracted audio.

Make sure that when you export all of Vegas’ audio plugs are OFF. I seem to remember they default to on - and the auto leveler, etc. can make a mess of your audio.


Thanks for the quick response and solutions.