Ave Maria

Hello guys,

this is our new music video. An arrangement of Ave Maria by Franz Schubert. It was the first time, I was dealing with recording and editing soprano singing. :slight_smile:


Stunning, absolutely stunning.

Thank you!

Beautifully done the both of you!

Listening to the ‘Great Works’ of the old masters I always picture them starting with a blank piece of paper, then something happens. 90% perspiration 10% inspiration? I don’t know but It’s magic to me, thank you for reminding me again.

All the best,


Thank you. That’s, what is beautiful about music. Every composer, famous or unknown always starts with a blank piece of paper and it will never change :slight_smile:

Wow, I wasn’t expecting that! Beautiful, really :exclamation:

As everyone over here has said it. It is wonderful.