“Avengers” is the long awaited Animated series of Marvel’s classic comic series.

Not only we have dubbed these series in Flemish, we have also mixed all 26 episodes in 9 languages.
Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Flemish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Romanian & Swedish.
The mixes were done in full blown 5.1, stereo and Lt_Rt.

The nature of the series makes that mixing was real intense, since each character has it’s own signature sound.
We had dozens and dozens of Speakerphone instances running, a bunch of ReVerences, an outboard TC6000 and Lex960, and much more. Character voices like The Hulk and Abomination were created thanks to Nuendo’s excellent Pitch Driver. This is by far, one of the most complex mix projects we have ever done. All in the box.

Let’s say that this kept us busy for a while.



Kudo’s to the team and Nuendo.

Of course, full judgement is reserved until I can see and hear it for myself. :mrgreen:

Hello Fredo

I am impatiently looking forward to watch and listen to your works.
I am sure, with this huge task you guys have outdone the excellent jobs you’ve done, so far!


Big K


link doesn’t work for me though…

Don’t know why this emerged again, but this post is from January 2011.


Better late than never…