Average audio processing goes red, system freezes

Hello everyone,

I know there’s a post about it on the forum but with no answers given…

I have Cubase pro 11 and whenever I want to add a plugin (during the mix session) like Ozone, Waves C6 Comp or whatever it is, the Average Audio Processing goes red and I need to wait like 1 or 2 minutes to be able to playback as the system freezes (video AND playback). The cursor doesn’t even move…

Is this due to my processor or something ? I tried to increase and decrease my buffer size and all but nothing’s worked so far/

Can someone know this issue and how to resolve it ?

Have a nice day people,

I have the same issue and tried a few things I read in another post, but nothing fixed it.
Like you say, every time I load/enable or even disable an instrument track, audio processing goes through the rough and you’re stuck for a few minutes. Quickly loading a template to have some fun, has become not fun.
I might add (but I’m not sure about this) that I experience this especially in a template I built in 9.5.
When I start with a new blank project, it doesn’t seem so bad or even seems normal…? I’m not sure.

I have thought about recreating my template in 11… but it’d be a 2-day job and I can’t really face going through all that again.