'average audio processing load' meter clips


I’m having some issues lately with my cubase pro 8.5.
Every now and then while I work on cubase, the ‘average audio processing load’ meter (first meter to the Left of the panel) jumps to the top and cubase stops playing for a sec. If I record while this happens, it stops recording and give an error message.

This problem started like 3 days ago but I havent doen nothing spacial so I dont get it.

How can I fix this?


If you’re using Windows, has it updated recently?

Yes! It has been updated!
Why? How can this be related?


Using Cubase Pro 9.20
Same Problem Here too.
windows is fully updated. as Seeker_UK said.
same problem with some VSTi as well while programing.
Very annoying thing…
was using cubase 5 earlier there was not a single problem regarding this.
infact, i am facing many issues/problems in Cubase 9 pro. Very BUGGY …
anyway, please sortout ‘average audio processing load’ anyone…
Please Note…:… —>this is not buffer size related issue.

In regards to the Audio processing clips, I too, am experiencing this sudden annoyance. I researched and found only one thing that reduces but does not eliminate the problem and that was an apparent conflict with my NVIDIA video card. Strange conflict I thought. No other solution yet.

I am running an I7 PC, windows 10 latest update, 24 gig of ram , 7200 rpm hard drive and 2gig video card running two monitors
DAW Cubase Pro 9.03. Hope Steinberg can provide some input .

I see this issue has not been updated in a while. I too am seeing this behavior now. I have a new PC with 12 core i7 & 32 GB of RAM. I didn’t have this issue on my old PC. The new PC is so much better, but perhaps there’s a problem with it that I’m not aware of. Anyway, if anyone has solved this, please share your result.