Average audio processing load

Hi all,

I have been working on a track for a few days (18 tracks made up of 2 halion sonic, 1 fx, 2 VCA and the rest audio).
I have come to do a bit of work this morning and the “Average audio processing load” is maxing out.
The weird thing is that it is maxing when I am not playing anything? When I start to play the reading goes back down to 35% (approx.) which is where it normally is???
It is only the average audio processing load, not the disc cache below which is showing zero.
I just tried to start a new project and the meter seems to be behaving itself?
It must be something in the particular project but all the add on’s and VST’s are Steiny’s so I am pretty sure there is no conflict!!
It would be great if anyone has had this issue or got any ideas as to the cause?

Thanks all.

Jim B

Hi again,

For what its worth, I have just discovered the culprit was the Steinberg VST Dynamics plug in.

I had it in slot 1 of my mix bus and when I take it out the load meter returns to its normal readings.

Maybe someone on the tech side could explain why is it, when nothing is actually playing, that this plug in causes such a high audio process load??

Jim B