Average Audio Processing Load

Hi Everyone,

I have run into random and frequent audio spikes. System was running immaculately and with no obvious hardware or software changes the started happening. If I have a project open and not even playing the project, the meter will show about 25% and suddenly it just spikes and returns to 25%. Seems bizarre when nothing is even playing. When playing the project, same thing will happen and the audio will have the typical audio drop out. No plugins on any tracks, a mix of audio and midi with the buffer at 128. This was never an issue until recently.

When I max the buffer I don’t get any spikes. But it seems strange that there were no issues at the lower buffer sizes prior to the issues occurring.

Any thoughts on how something like this could randomly start happening? I even completely reinstalled Windows and the problem remains.

System specs are:

Win 10 64 bit
Gigabyte H97M-D3H
16 Gigs RAM
Focusrite 56 FireWire Interface

Are you using/did you previously use the Windows legacy firewire driver?

no those spikes aren’t normal… likely your BIOS settings.

I wasn’t before I starting getting the spikes. Read somewhere about the legacy drivers and installed them and loaded them with no change. Still getting spikes. Was worth a shot even though it worked fine with the non legacy drivers.

I did read something about a possible bios issue. I didn’t read to in depth as nothing has changed between it working and not working. Any suggestions as to what could be the issue with the Bios?