Average Load Spiking

I have just opened a Cubase 10 project imported fro 9.5 that I was happily working on yesterday and found the the Average Load on the Audio Performance window is spiking into the Red. I have altered the soundcard to 512 to no avail. I tried disabling the plugs etc. etc.but nothing seems to change the situation. The annoyance is compounded by the fact that I still cannot re-load a project within Cubase as it crashes - something that that I have had a problem with since C8.

Actually I have discovered what the issue is. It is the v9 Waves Abbey Road Plates. If I bypass the spike is intermittent and it goes if I remove from the project. It is so annoying as I renewed the update plan for that product and I have found that you don’t get the new v10 version. I do so hate their business model.

Raising Asio Guard also sorted the problem. I don’t know why I did not think of that earlier.