average overload in 8.2.1

when using a large project, an average overlay occurs approximately 30 seconds after the project starts playing (sound constantly breaks and cracks (ASIO, Zoom H6, Fireface 800). At first I had an idea, but a problem in win10 or my workstation. But having understood in detail, I realized that the 8.1 update perfectly copes with the project and takes about 70% of the total load (Macbook 2015 full with bootcamp, last win10 - always worked perfectly with all versions of nuendo). I want to note that the latency is set in both cases the same.
In addition to this problem, there are frequent crashes of nuendo, which was never before at all.
In addition, in version 8.2.1 the project is unloaded for a long time to close the nuendo. In 8.1 this problem is also missing.
proxy 1080 after the new playback engine became impossible to twist with heavy projects and the inclusion of video even a small window leads with a load of another 20%.
Please, make us a working version. This greatly slows down work on projects!