Average Performance Load Issues

Hello Im having a issue and hope someone can help. I have full version of Cubase 7.5 & 8.5 using with tascam 1800 interface. I previously used the 1800 with LE7 on another commuter for couple years with no issues and updated computer when purchased the 7.5 full Version. When I record an instrument, or record anything either on the 7.5 or 8.5, anywhere in the recording I get clipping in Average Performance Load meter and stops recording the waveform. Also does this when doing any playback randomly also. I researched some on google and tried different latency. I don’t know how to correct this. It will randomly clip when recording, all my recording levels are good, not peaking. Is there a setting I’m overlooking. Also seen on google mentioning something about CPU. When I record all applications are closed, nothing running in the background. Below is my specs to my computer. Thanks for any help.

Windows 10 Pro
Processor: intel Core i5-3570 3.40 GHz
64 bit operating system
Memory 32 GB
3 TB hard drive


Increase Buffer Size of your Audio Device, please. Unfortunately even latence increases then.

Tascam doesn’t have very good ASIO driver, I would maybe recommend to use universal ASIO4ALL instead of Tascam driver.

Ok thanks ! I set the latency to the highest latency and the clipping in audio performance level has stopped. On my previous hp computer had Windows 7 3.2 quad core 16 gb with 2 tb using the LE7 with the same 1800 and never had this issue, I could set the latency at low levels if needed. Don’t know why this computer is requiring a high latency to stop clipping. You mention using the ASIO4ALL driver and I assume my jbl monitors would plug into the back of the computer audio outputs instead of the Tasman if I’m correct? By doing this I use the headphone out of the 1800, so I would not be using this as well? Sorry for the questions I’ve just used the 1800 with LE7 for several years without any of these problems. Just got new tower with the specs listed above and with to the 7.5 full version and just recently upgraded to 8.5. Getting everything ready for studio recording for the winter months. Thanks for your help!! :slight_smile: