Avg free is now malware

Thats all.

I am so happy that my DAW is never online and does not need an AV etc…

Same here! :slight_smile:


What my m8 used to do is:

Finish the track, burn it to cd, put it in a envelope, go to the post office and send it to himself as a registered letter…
Then, when received, do not open it, but put it in a safe place…
This way, he had proof that it was his… name and date was on the letter with the enclosed track in case some ripper-offer claimed it was his or whatever…

Nowadays, people upload their stuff to third party servers… Lol…

Anyway, have a wonderful day peepu:)

My stuff in the cloud? Won’t happen!
Not that the rest of the world cares about my shit, but I do so haha :stuck_out_tongue:
Just buy a few removable hard drives you keep removed when you’re not backing up and you’re good.

my flower? Aww, thank you, Steinberg! :blush: :laughing:

What do you mean by that? Is AVG being flagged as malware by another AV?

And +1 to removable drives; backing up to the “cloud” is begging for trouble. The trouble with clouds is they sometimes vanish!

All i can say is that AVGfree was compromised - on my system… Total takeover so to speak… I managed to remove 98% of it… Maybe its time for a new one… I feel safer with skynet (erm, microsoft) security essentials now…(lol)

Lol, yeah “the cloud” - there are winds, solar storms, volcanic erruptions, chemtrails… All affect “clouds” :stuck_out_tongue: some people even generate clouds in the comfort of their own home/lab…:stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho, just a headsup;)
“Throws flowers”

All you can say? Really? And then you say AVG is malware. I don’t get it. From your description it looks more likely that you got attacked by something AVG didn’t recognise as malware. Completely different thing. But then … your description on what happened is quite weak. If someone posted the same statment, but substituted “AVGfree” with “Cubase” in this forum, would you think anyone would take him/her seriously?

Yes, thats all i can say… Im no dang über coder… All i can say is what happened… Whatever, avgfree is useless for me now as it cant stop this attack…

Happy? Lol

Just looking out, dont get ur panties in a bunch:p

Not sure on AVG free being malware but it’s certainly now spyware…


Well FWIW I’ve used Bitdefender on my main production machine for the last 3 years.
No infections and no noticable performance hit.

It has much higher detection rates than AVG (which missed 6.6% of samples in tests)
The only thing worse than AVG is the woeful Microsoft Defender, which missed 8.6% of samples!

See graph here… http://www.av-comparatives.org/file-detection-test-september-2015/

These days, the price you pay for not being on line is huge. If you get a new C drive and want to start fresh, and you have a project studio with hundreds of applications it can take days. For myself it’s not so much installing or re-installing, but authorizing the software. With smaller developers, you end up emailing back and forth, sometimes trying to prove you are a legitimate owner etc. And then some of the copy protection processes. Waves, NI, Ilock, UAD, Toontrack, Arturia…they are all a bit different.

But for myself, it is still worth staying off line.

I know I’m a small minority. A year ago an Arturia representative told me the number of off-line users is less than 5%.

Online or Inline? :stuck_out_tongue:

I always had my DAW online until my new build a couple of months back. Can’t say I’ve missed my internet connection much!

Heh, 'worked out the other way around for me. My DAW was offline for the best part of ten years but after moving to a new computer, and W10, I decided to have it connected.
Man, authorising my large number of plugins was comparatively a breeze, a lot of them can be done directly via their interface, such as Spectrasonics products.

I have a shortcut to Windows Device Manager on my desktop so I can be easily offline, or online at will.
I use my other (W7) installation on my dual boot setup for everyday internet activities . Works just fine :slight_smile:!

Windows 10 came out so I dropped whatever AV “solution” I was using and decided to wing it for a while.

We all probably remember “Longhorn” and how the network interfered with the audio?

Now that this no longer happens, we are ok to use our DAW’s online.

Most of the bad stuff comes via the browser and if you keep your system up to date with Windows Update, the inbuilt Firewall handles most of the issues and Windows 10 has Anti-malware built in.

So far so good but we will see how things progress in the future.