Avid Artist Control -- Control Room Mute


Does the Avid Control control room ‘mute’ function work for anyone using Eucon 3.1.2? (Depressing the control room rotary controller)



Yes, it does :exclamation:
Also the rotary knob is adjusting the control room volume.

Using Eucon 3.1.2 with Win7 64bit and Cubase 7.07 and both units "Control+Mix) are firmware updated to the lastest ones.


Having an Artist Mix as well and the shift+fader does not move to 0db, just on the Mix - was/is working with Eucon 2.7.1

Don’t mind - will probably change again after the next update :wink:


Hi… Thanks for responding… The control room rotary encoder works as expected for gain control but the mute does not. Perhaps it is a hardware problem. I have the same issue as you with shift + fader…

Thanks again for replying !