Avid Artist Control/Cubase 9 issue

I’ve been using the Avid Artist Control with Cubase 8 and 9 for around a year and have just noticed an issue about a month ago (been having to live with it while I was scoring a series). I like to have various tabs stay open in the inspector window (Inserts, Sends, Fader, etc) When I have my Artist control off, those windows stay open (expanded) when I go from audio track to audio track in the main project window. However, when the Artist Control is on, every time I click on a different audio track, those tabs all collapse and I have to keep re-opening them which takes time.
Any Avid control users here? …and do you have the same issue?

Yup. It’s a thing. I think It has something to do with 8 Knobs on the side.
Try clicking on one of them (Mix for example, on the bottom right) then hit the back button to go back to the normal menu.
All tracks should now follow your latest selection.

Let me know if this works.