Avid Artist Control limitations when using Cubase

What can you NOT do in Cubase with the Avid Artist series what works in other applications?

For example:

  • Can I add and edit insert effects?
  • Can I edit parts and events?
  • How about scrolling / zooming?

I may get myself one, but I’m not sure, because I don’t know yet, how well Cubase and the Artist Control work together in reality.


With Artist Mix or Control, you can :

  • instantiate any plugin as insert or send
  • use VST Presets or edit any plugin parameter
  • edit parts, events, MIDI or audio
  • zoom and scroll as you want in the Project window, the Mix Console or in the editors
  • create and arrange softkeys on the touchscreem to suite your workflow (Artist Control)

I own an Artist Control, Mix and Transport. I like them and it took me some time to discover all the features.

  • the Mix for the 8 faders
  • the Control for the touchscreen
  • the transport for the Jog wheel

I created a +350 pages custom set wich use basically all Eucon Cubase Functions ( more than 1200)

I would recommand to test these units before you buy to see if their taste suits your workflow.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

So, my question is:

If I put, say SSL Native Channel on my drum group, can I edit all the parameters with the knobs?

This would be uber cool, because it would allow me super fast mixing.

Also I’d like to have a macro called “put SSL Channel on this track”. This may sound odd, but this is a function I use very often.

You CAN create à macro in cubase and assign it to a softkey on the touchscreen or a physical softknob.

Using the knobsets, you can insert and edit any plugin, effect or instrument on any channel, audio, group or FX. You can also use the 8 rotary encoders to edit the Quick Controls and many much more.

I suggest you to read the manuals and especially the Eucon manual where you will find info about cubase and Eucon possibilities.

I will do that, yes. :slight_smile:

Wow, an expert - finally! :slight_smile:

So… can we edit vst-instruments that are in the Instrument rack (not Instrument tracks)?

thx, Ernst

PS.: And… what eucon Manual are you talking about? the Installation Manual gives only limited Information about what can be done with the Artist Controllers in cubase specifically. What does the “dyn” knobset do, etc.???


Just coming back to your headline and I’m convinced, that these controllers are probably the only ones WITHOUT any limitation to adjust any of the desired functions in cubase.

Right, need some time to setup the touch screen and learn the functionality of the knobs, but finally I got a hugh speed up of the workflow.

About the manuals, yes the AVID distributed manuals (now v3.0) does not give all the details for Cubase users, but at least gives a guideline, what and how it could be implemented. All the rest is easy to find out.
e.g. the DYN - just push it and see what happens… :wink:


ALSTUDIOS, can you tell us if we can edit virtual instrument parameters with the Artist Control?

There is no information whatsoever regarding this question to be found - and I know no one who owns one so I also can’t try it.

It’s not a dealbreaker, but I would like to know if I would have to add a CMC AI knob to my budgetary plan for 2014 or not…

The dyn knobset shows the first dynamic plugin - if exists - of the channel.

You could also read the System 5 MC manual. As it uses the same protocol, you can find info about Cubase/Nuendo and details about the some System options…

BTW, I think Steinberg could provide details about their Eucon Adapter and could give us a manual or integrate it in the remote control pdf.

Hi, your Input is appriciated! Thank you very, very much! :slight_smile:

I second the request that Steinberg supplies us with a Eucon-adapter Manual. I am sorry to say that, but Support does not give relevant replies to questions in that respect. It is relatively “Steinberg Standard” to provide interface-Products (Eucon Adapter) and NOT document them and in case of questions Point to the supplier of the Hardware (Avid in that case).

Cheers, ernst

Hi, I have another question concernting Artist Mix and/or Artist Control:

IS there a way to control the “Monitor”-button in a channel? (I mean the Little Brown one with the Speaker-Icon)

Regards, Ernst


Of course ! You just have to create a sofkey with the Eucon Command \Key Commands\Edit\Monitor

Hope this helps.

350 pages, "mi madreciña¨!!! :open_mouth:

Got myself one now. It will arrive next week and I’m really looking forward to it. :sunglasses:


anybody knows how to have a softkey that opens a specific plug in on an insert X on the selected track?


I can recommend to study this video
to give you the principle of the programming. :wink:


Many thanks for the link. I find it very useful to better understand how to program the softkeys.

Sadly I hoped there was a way to set a plug without opening edit channel inserts. In fact I thinks it’s easier to set the mostly used plugs on top of the plugs list with the plug in manager and have a faster access with the mouse.