Avid Artist Crash

Hi All

i suddenly have system crashes - its quite a huge project - lots of clips, lots of automation

The Project alone opens fine (Vers. 6.5.40 (32bit) - OS X 10.9.5) but as soon as i try to Use EUCON (latest Version, latest Firmware)

Nuendo crashes…

A Newly created project works fine, wit all the tracks being correctly mapped to the controller

Any Ideas ??

Thanks luigi

RAM overload?


how would i know ???

I have 16 gb ram

I’m going experiencing the same thing right now, myself. Also on 10.9.5, also have 16 gigs of RAM. It’s a 24 gig movie.

All running from an SSD.

Updated last night to Eucon 3.2.2 to see if that would help out, but am not yet sure if it did.

My crashes mainly occur when soloing tracks at the bottom end of the project.

I’ve noticed that once the issue has happened in the large project, it’ll continue to happen (after restarting Nuendo, of course) in other, smaller projects, until I reboot the computer.

Have run DiskWarrior and Onyx…

Am thinking about breaking the project into “reel-sized” sections if this keeps happening. Really frustrating.


I don’t know about Mac’s, but on PC, Running the 32bit version, does not give you access to all available RAM.
What’s the reason for running the 32bit version instead of the 64bit?


FWIW, as opposed to the OP, I’m running 64 bits, and am having what appear to be similar issues. Though surely it would make a lot of sense that running 32 would be a problem with a large project.


i think in my case . it was a buggy Plug-IN

Or 64 bit …

I put all Plugins in hidden folder and reinstalled one by one, the ones that were in the project.

Than it worked

I have problems with EVERYTHING from time to time. Avid Artist works fine most of the time but yesterday I had to shut down COMPLETELY reboot TWICE to get Artist to boot. Once it did it was fine all day. In the middle of the session Nuendo crashed with a message saying “not enough memory to record this many tracks at one time” or something to that effect.
I was recording “ONE TRACK!” on a song with about 15 tracks. 32 gigs of ram on a 64 biti7 PC…
Go figure! Stuff happens. Rebooted everything fine the rest of the session . I must admit this kind of STUFF rarely happens and I attribute this kind of stuff to " ghost in the box"
I’ve never reinstalled or reconfigured anything just reboot a couple of times in a row and presto.
I’m a major Nuendo supporter since 1.5. And it works great 99% of the time. I just reboot until it finds the problem .
In reality it’s a computer with software which means WTF!.
Can’t wait for Nuendo 7 :wink:

I’ve dealt with this before in a live recording situation nonetheless. Minutes before airtime !
In my case it was caused by the system being idle for a period of time.
Now I avoid it by hitting “save”, wait for it to “come alive”. Then it’s all good to go.
And yes, only 4 tracks in record ( blank, new session ) on an otherwise rock solid, stable PC. No power saving is ever enabled.

Just wanted to share this…
Good luck