Avid Artist Eucon license on multiple machines

We are considering the Avid Artist series to control several of our Nuendo and PT workstations. Reading the Nuendo parts of various manuals it appears I need to acquire via email the Eucon license, then use elicenser to activate it, all using the particular Artist serial number.

Does this put the license on the usb dongle?
We need the license on multiple Nuendo systems, can I do that with one Artist serial number? Do I authorize each one with the same serial number?

I’m concerned that this limits me to one Eucon license, which won’t work because we will use it on multiple workstations.

Information is appreciated,


Yes, the licenses are stored in you dongle.
We have been able (long time ago) to “register” the same Euphonix device/serial number to multiple dongles.
And if it does’t work, I suggest you contact support. The licenses are free after all, so I don’t see any reason to not allow licenses on several dongles for the same unit.


Hello Fredo,
Thanks for your experience, that makes sense. Once we purchase we will give it a try loading to all 5 dongles.

hi hugh

when we got our mc mix i hit the same issue. i got in touch with support and they sent me an additional license within 24 hours.

Thanks Max I appreciate the information.