Avid Artist loose connection to Nuendo during automation write

I have this annoying problem: When I record volume automation with my Avid Artist in Nuendo, nothing fancy, just volume - the track has a lot of tempo variations though - suddenly the fader on the artist looses connection to the DAW. The track color goes from red - indicating a record of automation to normal, and the volume curve just go to a straight line. When I go back I can try one more time and that usually works, but it’s rather irritating. What can I do?

In my many years of using the Avid Artist (I own thrree plus the Control), I only have had this issue when my finger does not make good contact with the touch sensitive fader button. I do clean mine three to 4 times per year, and also wash my hands very well before working on mixes because of this. The old Neve and Necam faders also had this issue, which is where I began learning about clean fingers and fader buttons.

I don’t think this is the reason because the Artist surface works perfectly in Logic.
But thanks for your reply!

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