Avid Artist Mix and Cubase 6

I’m not finding a lot of hits on the Artist Mix with Cubase - are people using it? Does it work well? I currently use my Artist Mix with Nuendo 5 and it works pretty well. Before I get down the road into a complex mix, I was just curious if anyone has feedback that I should consider before using the Artist Mix with Cubase.


there is no difference in using it with Nuendo or Cubase.


Thanks Helge,

I appreciate the quick response. Very good to know.



Avid Artist serie of DAW controllers is best DAW controllers for Cubase/Nuendo at the time, in my opinion.


I agree.

I recently installed an Avid Artist Mix with Cubase 6. Right now I am doing my first big mixdown project with the Artist Mix. Unfortunately I am having a lot of issues I never had before with sluggish performance and system crashes. I am wondering if the Avid controller could have something to do with it or if this is just a coincidence. Has nobody here had any problems with the Artist Mix?

Another thing I’d like to know is how I can record automation data other than volume using the controller’s faders. I skim-read the manual but didn’t find anything. Assuming I create an automation lane for a particular parameter of the first insert plugin. How can I then use the Artist Mix’s fader to record automation data? Or can I only use the rotary knobs? This would be pretty useless because I find adjusting plugin parameters using the knobs either too slow or too quick. It’s very difficult to find the right balance.


Just the quick answer, without a computer.

Try to switch Off your WiFi connesction on the computer, if this is On. On Mac, MC Control nás problem with this. To be more precise, problem is, some Applicarions try to download updates itself. If you switch the auto-update chacking, there is no problem.

About the writing the automation: find the parameter on the encoders, and than press the Flip button. It will Flip encoders and faders.


Cool, thanks!
Regarding wifi: My studio computer is not connected to the Internet.

It’s generally stable for me - no sluggish performance, certainly (win 7 Pro 64 bit 6.0.5)

I’ve been fighting getting it working correctly with quick controls for about 9 months, however, I had a breakthrough the other day… finally have it working close enough to how I originally envisaged 9 months ago. This means I can finally not only use long throw automated faders on midi ccs, but can drop in on cc1 data generated by the modwheel, and take over on touch. I’m not sure there’s any other solution out there than can do this on any DAW, and it’s a pretty big deal (might have missed something of course).

This thread, top of p2, shows how. http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=18270&start=25


Using the AVID artist mc control v2 since months and can post to have a hugh gain in better and faster operation of Cubase 6 compared to the operation with the mouse or short-cuts.

First there is some work to do to adjust all the touch-commands. But at the end it is really fun to operate just with a touch than to scroll thru dozends of commands with the mouse.

Of course, the price is high (too high?), but I got mine as second hand for about half of the price for a new device.

Had before the CC121, but was not really satisfied, because the EQ-buttons were in wring order (compared with the software) and anyway, the EQ should be placed ahead of the compressor in the insert-chain and this was not possible, if you use the Cubase EQ.

After all, I’m happy to use this controller.


Just bought one of these (Artist Control) and damned if I can find how to set the track automation into Write/Read mode!


Shift (which is the most left or right – both – bottom button) + REC N button. This is named AUTO too, what means automation. This should switch automation modes.

I’m using Artist Mix & Control surfaces together with Cub 6, with a great increase in productivity, and all very stable. :smiley:

The only thing I found doesn’t work well is the jog wheel on the Artist Control - very slow and fidgety response, not really useable, either in jog or shuttle. Anybody else find this, or even found a way to make it respond properly?

Using 3 x mix and 1 x control.
Would not be without it!
No problems.

I’m using Transport, because of great Jog wheel. In different studio, we are using 2x Mix, and 1x Control. Great controllers!

In my studio, I’m using CMC controllers. I love, the touch faders. It was quite diffecult at thi beginning, I had to get used. But I love, these are quiet. No motor noise, here.

I try to get MC Tranport to work in Cubase 6.5.
I installed EuControll and registered the MC Tranport at AVID
Also registered and activated at my steinberg and it shows up in the licesens center (Dongle) as well.
But in Cubase 6.5 it doesn´t appear in the drop down list of the device manager.

Any idea??


I use the Avid Artist series controllers with Cubase everyday and would also agree with that.

restart? insall eucon adapter from steiny?

Last update of EuCon?

Ploblem solved. I missed the steiny adapter…