Avid Artist Mix and Cubase 6

A Transport and a MC Mix. I totally love them! :smiley:

Hello Martin, I bumped onto this old thread because I thought this post could be relatable in my situation. May I ask you a question, I just bought a 2nd hand old Euphonix MC MIX unit from this seller and he said he never got transferred the unit’s ownership from the very first owner. But he had no problem with using it with his Pro Tools. He told me I just need to download Eucon driver + app and plug the MC MIX and it shall be visible.

  • Does this mean, I do not need to register this MC MIX…? (*and he told me it is updated with the very last firmware)
  • I just wanna be in the safe zone because I do not want to be ‘bricked’… cause of the registration/ownership issue from AVID side…
  • His point was, I do not need to register this unit ‘since’ it has been discontinued years ago, and there would be no newer firmware any more.
    But my question was, what if newer Eucon driver stop working with it…?

sorry for the long question!

So far I have tried Eucon protocol ‘once’ with Avid Control Free app with my Android tablet, it worked fine on my latest Cubase 11 Pro. I am on mac Mojave osx.