Avid Artist Mix experts?

Mac OS X:

I got my Mix today. I added “Eucon” to Cubase Pro 8’s Devices and it basically works.

  1. One flaw: I set EuCon preferences to “Shift + Fader touch sets unity gain 0db”, but it doesnt work. Why? What am I doing wrong?

  2. I added some applications (like Max.app, Reason.app etc.) to EuCon’s system preferences. How do I switch the Mix to these applications? When I press the “applications” button nothing happens…

  3. for network specialists: I use a Windows 8.1 x64 Parallels Virtual Machine on Mac OS X, which shares the Mac OS X WLAN via a virtual Ethernet Adapter, The EuCon Workstation client is installed in Win8.1 using the virtual ethernet adapter. The Artist Mix is directly connected to the Mac via a Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter, connection to internet/router is done via WLAN. Mac OS EuCon does not see the Win8.1 Workstation. My guess is, there are TWO networks, the EuCon network and the WLAN network. As the Win8.1 VM is within the WLAN network the EuCon network does not see the Win8.1 workstation.

How can I bridge these networks, so that I am able to use the Win8.1 VM as a Workstation for the EuCon?

Thanks for any ideas!