Avid Artist Mix jumps out of write mode

I have a fairly new Avid Artist Mix, that I use with Cubase 12. The situation is, that during recording volume automation (and touching the fader) in Touch mode, Cubase 12 suddenly jumps out of write mode - no volume level is recorded!
Moving the fader a little bit sometimes starts the recording again, but almost always, I have to redo the automation.
Is this a bug or is it a matter of setting the write mode different? Preferences?

Regards Stig


Is the W button still switched On?

As far as I remember, this is the “Touch” mode. So it’s writing when you touch the fader. Once you release the fader, it jumps to the Read mode. Once you touch the fader again, it jumps back to the Write mode.

Yes the W (write) button is still on during the whole pass. BUT the red record indicator on the automation lane starts blinking after some time! Actually it’s reproducible after around 22 sec. the red indicator starts blinking and after a couple of minutes it goes off and automation write is stopped. And of course I touch the fader ALL the time.


Could you please make a video screen recording?

I have now tested this in Logic and Pro Tools as well, and it’s the same problem, leading me to believe it has to do with the unit.