Avid Artist Series/ Cubase Remote Control Editor

Hi all,

a rather complex situaiton, I hope I can explain in English: I own artist series controllers (MC Mix, MC Control, MC Transport).
I am currently optimizing the usage. This includes to learn how to control VST INSTRUMENTS with these devices. What I have found so far is that both the MC mix and the MC Control can access TRACK Quick Controls. Via this approach I can of course also control INSTRUMENT Paramenters - if they are assigned to the track quick controls of the respective channels.

Question Number ONe: Is there a way to control VST Instruments (not insert effects!) DIRECTLY or via VST Quick Controls (and thus letting the Track Quickcontrols available for other parameters) with the MC Mix and/or MC Control? (My current assumption is: No, it is not possible).

Then “enter stage” of the Cubase Remote Control Editor: I found that if using “standard layout” I can rearrange what parameters are exposed to VST Quick Controls (and by clicking "get paramenters from VST…) also to TRACK Quick Controls. Chaning the assignments in standard layout influences this correctly. Now: When I switch the remote control editor to “Artist Series/S3” Layout, a DIFFERENT set of parameters is shown assigned to controls. So far I have NOT found a way to make use of these assignments.
Questions Number Two: What does the “Artist Series” Layout do in this case? Where does it get its default parameter assignment from? And why is this different from the “Standard Layout” assignment?
Is there any useful way to use these controller editor settings and how could I work with this on the Artist Devices?

I know, this is complex stuff that might not affect too many of the user community. Still, maybe someone has a deeper insight into the Remote controller editor, artist series controllers and controlling VST INSTRUMENTS.

Thx, Ernst