Avid Artist Transport and Cubase 6 - Anyone?

While I’m waiting UPS to deliver mine i was curious who else is using it…and liking it…hopefully.

It works great. The jog and shuttle is very smooth. It is not at all like the clunky software jog wheel on the transport panel of cubase.
Customizing the buttons with macros lets you edit real fast.
Very happy with it.
enjoy, and let us know what you think.


Have an AVID artist control and find it amazing!
So much flexibility with the touchscreen and the easy routing and controlling of the tracks.
Works smoothly with the Cubase 6 (6.05) and is able to use all short-cuts via the cubase-eucon link.

Nevertheless, I don’t understand, why this gears does have plactic caps instead of solid alu caps on the volume slider and the turning knobs…for this pricelevel :unamused:


WAAAAAAAAA!!! I can’t try mine out because my DAW’s power supply died last night! Aaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!!! :cry:

Ok, back up now. I tried it out for a while and have mixed feelings. The biggest BUMMER is that when you hit stop twice it doesn’t go back to where the transport starts…just like Cubase’s own transport…and every other hardware transport I have used with Cubase. Again, HUGE BUMMER!!! I’m not sure I want to work that way.

Open up EuControl and assign the KEY COMMAND for the Cubase transport button STOP instead of the currently assigned Eucon command and it will work how you want.

Thank you John. JC Haydon from Avid also confirmed the same thing and it works beautifully now. So far my confidence with Avid tech support is positive. I am also loving the scrub wheel on the Avid Transport.

Hey guys, could you also please give me some advice on the assignable knob? So far I cannot get that to work. I select the correct soft button (shift & the second from the right) and see that it it selected, but every soft-synth and FX I have tried is a no-go regarding utilizing the knob for control.

The asignable knob only works on VST3 instruments and FX, as well as all Cubase parameters, like faders, eq, pan, etc.

Liking the Transport so far, but still haven’t got the Assignable know to work. One thing is missing though, no foot pedal input for transport start/stop…kind of sucks.

I try to get MC Tranport to work in Cubase 6.5.
I installed EuControll and registered the MC Tranport at AVID
Also registered and activated at my steinberg and it shows up in the licesens center (Dongle) as well.
But in Cubase 6.5 it doesn´t appear in the drop down list of the device manager.

Any idea??