Avid asio driver no longer works in 10.5?

Hello all my issue is … I had cubase 9.5 working at less than 5 ms with my avid hd native(black lion modded) 192s… but after the upgrade to 10.5 cubase still sees the avid asio driver but only works at 1024 samples and the latencey is now a unusable 47 ms? any help would be appreciated thanks in advance

I’ve got HD Native (PCI) - (except for frequent crashes when quit) Cubase works with 64 buffer size, 2ms latency.

which version of the avid asio driver are you using ?

on 9.5 with the same hd driver im at 4ms installed 10.5 for the editing improvements and it will not move to any buffer setting lower than 1024 yet moves fine on 9.5 and 128 im about 4ms on 9.5 with avid hd 11.3.1 and 11.3.2 both work great on 9.5 and not usable at all on 10.5

Avid HD driver v12.7.0

thanks…I dont have that one but sounds like ill need it 11.3.1 and 11.3.2 will not work in 10.5 but work fine in 9.5

If you want it I could send it to you. Unfortunately not sure if it will work for you. What is for sure if you don’t have a license for it your PT HD won’t even start.
Since you decide to give it a try write here (or send me a private message) where I should send you the driver.

thanks gabermusic i guess i expected 10.5 to work as 9.5 does theres no legit reason it shouldnt do everything 9.5 did and edit better not sure why it doesnt work as 9.5 did … I wont buy pt12 or a new interface…I hope cubase isnt going down the avid path of breaking connectivity …guess it will be awhile before i can use 10.5 or mabey not at all time will tell im dissapointed ive been using cubase since sx3 its never failed to work properly before hope it gets resolved