Avid Control App - EuCon

Hi everyone,

In studio setup I don’t see a Eucon option. I’m using Cubase Artist 13.

Has Steinberg blocked use of Eucon in Cubase or am I doing something wrong?

I’ve followed set up tutorials on YouTube and never see Eucon in +Add Device.
I know this has been mentioned many times before but could really use some help.

I’m using an iPhone 12 . Not sure if that’s an issue. Thanks for any help provided :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Steinberg doesn’t block it. Isn’t the component installed along with the EuCon driver?

It’s installed.

My phone isn’t showing any issues with the Avid app. Neither is the EUControl app on my PC.

It hasn’t added itself in Cubase. Cubase is showing on the EU control on my PC.

I have Windows 11. Not sure if that could cause it.

This is the video I followed:

Got really excited that it would work, but it hasn’t and I’m getting frustrated as haven’t done anything different I think!

If you installed everything then I would recommend closing all apps and rebooting the computer. Then try again. Make sure Eucon is fully up and running and the Control App is added (see 4:45 in video) and then relaunch Cubase.

Followed everything and it still doesn’t show up. I haven’t got a clue now.

Another person had the same issue with Cubase 12 Artist.

Is Avid Control only allowed to work with Cubase Pro and is blocked for Artist and below it?

I also own Samplitude Pro X5 and Avid Control is working perfectly with that?

Just want to try and resolve this.

Thanks so much!

Jason :slight_smile:


If there is this kind of limitation, then it comes from the Avid side. There are other vendors devices, you can add in Cubase Artist.

In the EuControl app on your computer:

In the Surfaces tab does the app show up?
In the Workstations tab, does the computer name show up?
In the Applications tab, does “Cubase 12 Artist” show up?

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In the Surfaces tab does the app show up? Yes
In the Workstations tab, does the computer name show up? Yes
In the Applications tab, does “Cubase 12 Artist” show up? Yes - Cubase 13 Artist

They all show up. The driver is also showing in the components folder in Cubase 13. It just doesn’t show in the Add Device section. I have raised a ticket with Steinberg. If they come back and say it’s not an issue their side, I’ll raise a concern with Avid themselves. Thanks for your help as always

Would you be so kind as to name them for me please? Thanks for all your help Martin.Jirsak



Could you (would you be willing to) install Cubase 13 Pro Trial? I would be wondering, if you would see the component in the Pro version.


I have just installed the Cubase 13 Pro Trial and the Avid Control app works.

Why it is restricted with Cubase Artist 13 I don’t know!

Thanks for suggesting it. At least I can trial it for two months.

It will be interesting to see what comes back from my ticket as well :slight_smile: