Avid Control crashes Cubase?

Hi all - has anybody experienced Avid Control on the iPad crashing Cubase on the Mac? I tried the latest Eucon but with my normal template (300+ tracks), after a while, all the tracks disappear from Control and if I kill the app, it crashes Cubase too.

Wondering if this will be a problem with the S1 too.

Eucon on the steinberg platform is still pretty buggy - both on the SB and the Avid side.

I’m on windows but eucon seems to be the main culprit for crashes.

I don’t really have anything positive to add apart from to say that you’re almost certainly not doing anything wrong

Avid confirmed they’ve reproduced the issue and sent information to Steinberg to fix (Cubase issue). Hopefully Steinberg fixes ASAP.

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that’s good - it might be worth logging a ticket with Steinberg too and showing them the email.

There is a long history of Steinberg and Avid blaming each other for problems and NOTHING ever getting fixed.