Avid control Cubase 12 Artist

Trying to use the Avid control app for the first time. Tried to follow some tutorials. Think I did everything right but the EuCon isn’t showing in the “add device” drop down menu in Cubase. The ipad is connected and showing up correctly in the EuControl software (icon switched to purple).
Am i missing something here, or dosen’t it work with C12 Artist?

I don’t think Eucon works on Artist.

It’s interesting, as I looked on Steinberg’s website comparing what’s in each version of Cubase and there is no mention of Eucon whatsoever. I suspect it’s only for Cubase Pro.

Thanks for the reply. That explains why I can’t get it to work.

I have Eucon working perfect here but I’m Dock and S1
Win 11 and Cubase 12 Pro.
Maybe 12 Artist don’t support Eucon

Thanks. No, I couldn’t find any info about it either.

The .dll is in the components directory. It must just be disabled in the Artist version. Kinda dumb.

Hi there. Did you managed to get Avid Control to work in Cubase 12 Artist?

I have Cubase 13 Artist and am experiencing the same issues as you have.

Hope you managed to resolve it.


Jason (Purple Fox)