Avid Delisted

Came across this during my Sunday morning trolling…


Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

So Avid are selling Pinnacle to Corel … remembering what Pinnacle did with Steinberg prior to Yamaha’s arrival, and having lived through what Corel did to some fine Ulead products, I shudder to think what we would be facing if we had a Corel Cubase … I get queasy at the thought!

Cu-Tools? :confused:

good for pro tools, too widespread to be abandoned, so it’ll make them try all the more.

oops … or something? :confused:

I’ve been out of the loop too long…didn’t even know about the M-Audio transfer. :-/
Glad M-audio is still going - I’ve always liked their gear.
Euphonix 5-MC seems to have become extinct…I lusted after that unit years ago. :’-(

Very interesting. I’m just woundering how would that work Yamaha owning 3 companies. Steingberg, Line 6 and Avid :question:

Here’s some background: In 2003 Pinnacle purchased Steinberg, only to sell it off to Yamaha in 2004. Pinnacle was subsequently acquired by American company Avid Technology in August 2005. Avid subsequently sold Pinnacle products to Corel Corporation in July 2012…

I don’t think Yamaha own Avid … yet. Good riddance to Pinnacle though … we could have had …
"E-Z Q-BASS (Pro)"