Avid DNxHD plugin - how to actually install this?

HI. I’ve paid for, downloaded, and run the installer - it says installed. I open Nuendo, try to import and DNxHD and it says I need to buy the license again.

I’ve tried opening in Nuendo 12, 11, 10.3, 10 - Nothing. The ELicenser doesn’t show the license. If I try and reinstall it detects its already installed and gives me the option to reinstall yet I still cannot import files without being told to buy the damn plugin again.

Please can someone help? I face hours having to re-render 10 vid files in Davinci back into H264 for a session tomorrow if I can’t get this lousy bit of software to work.

Im on Windows 10

See if anything on this thread helps

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Why can’t Steinberg just give instructions - would make life so much easier. Sadly just finished converting the files in Davinci (which has no problem with Avid DNxHD despite being a free product - but at least next time it should work.

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