Avid DNXHD plugin

Are there any plans for Steinberg to update the DNxHD decoder plugin so that it doesn’t require the dongle? It’s the only reason I have to keep it around now and it seems like such a waste of a good USB port.


I’m wondering the same

i’m ALMOST off the dongle. halion and avid dnxhd are the only hold-outs left on my little blue guy.

It is annoying that the DNxHD plugin and VST Connect Pro 5.5 have still not transitioned to Steinberg Licensing. They are the last two paid licences on my USB eLicenser - there are also some free licences and some licences that have been upgraded to Steinberg Licensing on there.

I have Absolute, some HALion content packs and some Groove Agent content packs on a soft eLicenser. All these products are still to transition to Steinberg Licensing. I don’t expect anything to happen with Absolute and HALion content until HALion 7 is released, supposedly later this year.

I look forward to the time when all that is left on my USB eLicenser are legacy licences so that I can finally put the USB eLicenser in the drawer.

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Hello everyone,

we’re already working on a new update for the DNxHD codec and are getting to the final stage as I write this post. This new update will support Apple silicon natively and also Steinberg Licensing.

I don’t want to promise anything, but our aim is to roll it out this fall. It may be sooner, but it may also take longer, as the testing phase hasn’t quite started yet and unknown bugs may still appear that could delay its release. But rest assured, it is coming sooner rather than later.

All the best,


This is awesome to hear.

Thanks for the update!


Any news on when this will be available from the Steinberg Licensor; as I’m keen to make use of this codec, but rather not buy an usb e-licensor if I really don’t need to.

Dear Al_Coleman,

thank you for patience. The tests are done and all successful.

We’re planning the release for later this month. Please give us a couple of weeks to prepare it and keep an eye on this forum for the official announcement.

All the best,