Avid Dock - Scroll through tracks?

Hi all. Using an Avid Dock with Cubase 10.5, is it possible to have the jog wheel scroll up/down through the tracks in the project window - possibly with a modifier or hold function? Thank you.

I’ve sorted it. So I thought I’d reply to my own question. :smiley:

To Scroll up and down through the tracks, do the following…

Go to Eucon settings.
From the Section pulldown select ‘Dock Horz Touchstrip’
Then select command (just to the right)
From the ‘Add new’ pulldown select ‘Wheel’
Select Dock Jog from th wheel pulldown.
From the Function dropdown, go to ‘left edit’
and then Jog Track Select.
Close that window (NOT EuControl settings) and save.

Using the same process after the stage of ‘Left edit’. You can also assign the wheel to scroll through the track. I’ve now got my lower 4 touchstrip keys to …

  1. Scroll up and down through the tracks (and left/right in the mix window)
  2. Zoom in/out Vertically
  3. Zoom in/out horizontally
    4 Scroll the cursor (playhead) forwards and backwards through the track.

I know actions 2 and 3 can be assigned by soft keys on the right. But I like to group things together.

This would of been easier to solve if Avid control and the Dock didn’t keep dropping out. Everything is connected by Ethernet and not wireless but, It still seems to be a bit clunky. Hope to find a solution for this, but that’s another topic.