Avid MC 8 EDL exports faulty. Messing up reconform

Just a heads up.
Avid MC 8 EDL exports faulty.
In the last incarnations of MC the EDL exports are bad. Avid says it’s not, but if you use a exported EDL and reimport and relink to media the result is not the same as the export timeline.

What seems to be the problem is that the source TC out is one frame shorter than the number of frames in the destination.
I found it, our video folks confirmed and Avid confirmed as well but claims it’s not a bug.

Ediload from v3.4 can handle this, most others can’t as yet as far as I know. Including Nuendos reconform.

Our video tech guy is now on holiday and I do not have the time to push this with Avid.
But this may be good to know when you see a reconform that falls to pieces…