Avid MCControl artist in Cubase 8

Just upgraded to Cubase 8 from C7. I have activated the Eucon surface device and surprises!! soft keys and touch screens commands are no operatives. Must we wait a new eucon adapter?

Well, I have found a workaround to fix this:
Duplicate the Cubase7.xml file in the same MC_USER_SET_Root folder and rename it as Cubase8.xml.

Thanks for the info

I have 2 MC Mixes, 1 MC COntrol v2, and a transport and i sure am hoping they work well

thanks for the tip

Only had a brief test but everything seems fine with my Artist Transport and 2 x Artist Mix setup. You need to reprogram your custom soft keys as Cubase 8 is considered a new application so this is to be expected. (Or by the sound of Buhardilla’s post above, you can simply duplicate the old .xml file)

[OT] EuCon Adapter License

I´m about to get my Avid Artist Mix and wanted to install and license the Steinberg EuCon adapter in advance.

What’s the latest EuCon Adapter version? is it installed with 7.5/8? The Download on Steinbergs Site is for Cubase 6.5…

I can NOT find a way to store a EuCon License on my eLC. How am I supposed to do this?

Don’t worry about eucon license. The actual Cubase version (7 and 8) install this protocol when you make a full installation of the software. Once installed go to device setup, add a new control surface and choose Eucon. That’s all

are track visibility settings in Cubase reflected in Eucon? or is it still the case as it was with 7.5 that all tracks are always shown in eucon no matter of their visibility settings in Cubase?

Ack just discovered a problem in Windows 7 with my Artist Mix. The adapter seems to work, but it won’t autobank. Tried resetting, removing and re-inserting, searching C drive for every reference to Cubase7.xml and duplicating to Cubase8.xml, but in every case (5 of them) Cubase8.xml was already there. Autobank enabled in EuCon settings, 7 and 7.5 working fine.

Dammit, back to 7.5.2 til this gets resolved.

Win 7 Pro 64 bit. i7 4930, Babyface, C8 Pro 8.0.0, EuCon 3.2.1

Auto-bank seems OK on windows 8.1 (at least it is working for me)

Good to hear - what version of eucon are you on?

Hi… 3.2.1… Stable/reliable (in fact I think 3.2 was the best release of Eucon ever… Dead stable here (finally))

Thanks. Apart from win 8.1 vs win 7, our specs are similar. Wonder what else I can try to kick it back to life? C7.5 confirmed still autobanking nornally.

Can’t really think of anything but here’s a longshot… Is Cubase 8 bound to Eucon on the ‘Assign’ tab under 'Lock to ‘Application’ ?

Oh… Also… Is ‘Auto-bank’ selected in the ‘General’ tab? (I’m sure it is but just in case…)

Thanks for the suggestions, but everything normal in EuControl. All strips set to auto assign (it’s seeing all the channels normaly), and not locked to application - that’s the normal mode of working for me as I go between PT and Cubase. I did quick test locking it to C8, but it made no difference.

Maybe it is a Windows 7 / Windows 8 thing? Would be interested to hear from any other W7 Cubase 8 users.

I have a question: Should I use “HUI” or “Mackie” in the EUCON System Settings?

Cheers, Ernst

(ooh, since this thread’s come up again I need to fess up in this thread about what my issue was, cos I was a total numpty - I’d de-linked the project and mixer windows, so, er, of course the Avid wasn’t following as I went round the project window. I did hit myself in the face for a good 20 minutes when I realised how idiotic I’d been)