Avid Mojo as a video out Firewire option


I am on a macbook pro and i run Pro Tools with an Avid Mojo (analog) to get the video out. in PT it is working great. the video is running just fine and chasing the play head as it should.

when i try to configure it in C5 (and in N5) i can check the X fore firewire out in the table of the video out options but no video is coming out from the mojo.

does Steinberg not support the Mojo as a firewire video out? what are my options? devices?


nuendo doesn’t support mojo. for firewire playback you can use a canopus box. the best solution is a pci card, either the decklink intensity (which is cheap) or the decklink extreme (which isn’t). we have both and they are flawless.