Avid S3 and Nuendo (or Cubase)


does anyone has experience using the Avid S3 with Nuendo (or Cubase).
I’m looking for a fader unit in that price range, and it seems the S3 has a lot to offer.


I agree that the small form factor and price range are interesting.
The faders seem okay, not really better than the artist range faders.
The EuCon software that goes with it is the same as on the artists, it works well with Nuendo but has it’s bugs (especially the iPad app used or uses to to provoke crashes that are reproducable)
The most annoying thing is that Steinberg/Avid cannot make the function to follow the hide command in Nuendo work in EuCon.
It has been mentioned that Avid need to release v3 and since then years have passed and nothing happened on the Steinberg side…
Apart from that it’s a nice unit (that does unfortunately not have any rivaling product)

To me the faders seem better on the s3 than the Artist series. But I haven’t worked long term on an s3.

What I can’t understand is why Yamaha can’t make something like the S3 for Nuendo…

I’m still loyal to my Houston Controller.

Yamaha DM2000, the best useful device you can find to control and monitor your Nuendo in terms of price/use.