Avid S6 and Nuendo

Hi Nuendoers,

has anyone ever seen an S6 controlling Nuendo yet?
I’d be interested to know how they play together.


In this moment EuCon + Steinberg could not be the best option. EuCon does not work well in a lot of systems (crashes, lost of connection, etc). Do quick search and you will be amazed. Furthermore, EuCon, by itself, is full of nasty bugs, so it’s not a good move now.

I’ve got EuCon running on 4 machines and done hundreds of hours worth of TV mixes on the small artist controllers, both with and without clients. The small units are definetely working very well here.
We hardly do anything more exciting than levls, pan and transport, though.


Well, if your system is already running EuCon successfully, you have the answer :slight_smile:

Not really, isn’t EuCon a different product for the pro/high end market?
It’s a different download/installer for sure.


This is an interesting question. The S6 and Nuage are both very interesting consoles. Is the Nuage completely divorced from the Eucon protocol now?
Regardless if anyone has access to one it would be very cool to see.


Since the hardware Eucon driver is exclusive property of Avid, Steinberg is not allowed to use it in their hardware. Nuage offers much-much deeper integration into Nuendo than any existing protocol. Next best thing is Eucon, and so on …


OK, I have been finding the Eucon troublesome for some time. The artist series does kind of feel a bit shallow as a control surface, soft keys are great but the layout is kind of terrible. The S6 is truly an achievement in console making but like the Nuage which I have yet to see, it is pretty expensive and not for the mass market even though it is simply a large mouse and keyboard.
Now please make a Nuage mini for home use and you may be sitting on a gold mine.
I’d pay a decent amount for a single fully contextual channel, with the possibility to expand.