Avid Video Satellite LE

I’m Mixing in a Mix stage next month that is equipped with Pro Tools and the Avid Video Satellite system, I’ll be mixing in Nuendo though and am curious if some one has had the chance to use the Video Satellite with Nuendo?
I’ve looked on the Avid website for more information but boy, their website is painful to find any information. (just like their systems :confused: )

I believe this does not work.
Also AFAIK, AVID’s core audio driver provides support for eight ins and outs with their audio hardware.

To be quite honest, it would be a good idea to look for a place that runs Nuendo or check connectivity and roll in your own tested rig.
It sounds a bit like asking for trouble to book into a place that does not have a tested system/software to mix a project.


Another thing you might look into is to see if the Avid Video Satellite will except a Time Code input. If it does you could set up a track in Nuendo withe the SMPTE Generator on an insert then patch that output to the TC input on the Avid. That way the video should just chase your Nuendo session all the time.

There are two PT Systems on the stage. I’m thinking of sending MTC to the PT System that controls the Video Satellite. I’ve had PT follow Nuendo that way before with less then a second lock time and as long as they have the same reverence clock they should hopefully not drift.

Ooh. Sounds like you’re in for some pain. Video Satellite will work ONLY with Protools. I don’t know if you can slave the AVID’s playback to Nuendo via LTC, MMC or RS-422, but I’m off to the studio in a few minutes and will check it out once I’ve got our MediaComposer running. I wouldn’t bet on it working though. Get back to you later…

OK. Your best bet’s probably to do exactly what you’re planning, controlling PT through Nuendo and hooking the Video Satellite up to PT. Should this not work, then this ought to:
You’ll need an RS-422 port on the MediaComposer’s computer, which it should be equipped with anyhow, and either on as well on the computer running Nuendo, or an MMC to Sony 9-pin converter to translate your Nuendo’s MMC to RS-422.
In the MediaComposer, select the settings tab in the main bin window, in the settings for “Serial Ports” (sometimes also called “Communication”) select the MediaComposer computer’s serial or RS-422 port from the drop-down item “Remote Play and Capture” (default should be “no port”) then, open the settings for “Remote Play and Capture” under Mode, select “Remote Play” under Device Code, select “Sony PVW-2800” your Runup should be OK with 1 frame, keep in mind you might have to increase this value if you run into drift.
Load the sequence containing your reference video into the MediaComposer’s record window.
You should now be able to control the AVID’s video playback from your Nuendo system. I couldn’t test it here with my Nuendo, because I don’t have nor need an RS-422 port or an MMC converter on my Nuendo system, but controlling the AVID’s playback from a Sony VTR worked.
If you run into any other issues, this might help:
Anyhow, good luck! :slight_smile:


thanks so much for going out of your way to get me this info
I’ve had good luck last night slaving PT so hope to have the same when I go into the studio next month,Its out of town soI don’t have the option to drive on by and try it on their system, I’ll spend a day before the mix and bring al necessary tools with me to hopefully not get into any trouble. Worst case I’ll run the Video of the computer graphics card to the projector