"Avoid collisions" with condensation labels possible?

I apologize if this has been asked already. I was wondering if it’s possible to disregard staff spacing with condensation labels?

Sometimes, Dorico attempts to make room for condensation instrument labels by increasing the space in between staves. This usually works just fine. I understand spacing in between individual staves can be altered via Engraving options, but it would be much more convenient if “Avoid collisions” option similar to text items could also be applied to condensations labels.

Hopefully this crude picture might better illustrate the issue I’m trying to get at: Here, Dorico by default places the “2.” label where the red circle is. I manually moved the label to the green circle location. However the staff spacing between the 3rd an 4th staves remains the same. In the right margin, I have indicated with a blue circle the unnecessary gap which was not closed when I moved the “2.” label.
condensation label spacing example.png

At the moment there’s no option for this, but it’s something we may consider in the future.