avoid crippling your computers performance - WINDOWS


Just for the record. I stumbled upon these pages on the internet and the auther seems very well educated when it comes to tweaking a system.
I know most of us are allways looking for the most optimal settings.
Well: this guy is actually explaining if something is a tweak or not, and if so: what it is meant to do. Next thing he looks into, is explaining why it is usefull on some windows versions, and why it has the opposite effect for other versions., and so on and on… very nicely done and available for everything from XP to WIN8.1.

I do not say this is the nr.1 place to be, but this is definitly a very thourough oversight of do’s and dont’s.
You will be probably thinking more then one time: o jeez… i crippled my system… :mrgreen:

have fun reading it. (it are A LOT of pages…)

bad tweaks: http://www.tweakhound.com/2011/09/20/bad-tweaks/
general entrance page: http://www.tweakhound.com/tweakhounds-tweak-guides/
also interesting: SSD tweaks for WIN8… don’t and why don’t: http://www.tweakhound.com/2012/11/14/windows-8-ssd-settings-etc/

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If you are using Win 8.x, to summarise it all, don’t tweak the OS!

sorry but that’s very wrong.
there are several important tweaks and no I wont list those either so don’t bother asking
you have to pay the snake oil tax to see them :mrgreen:
probably the best tweak is uninstall however.

Actually, too right!

Just looking at Tweaking Windows 8.1 For Audio and Music Production reminded me of the power control stuff I usually end up taking ages over, like:
a) Disabling USB power-down. I even uncheck the individual ‘Allow the computer to turn off …’ option on the Power Management panel of each device of the USB controllers and HID sections of Device Manager, as I don’t trust the blanket setting in the power profiles (or maybe I’m just paranoid).
b) Using advanced power configuration to kill sleep, hibernate and CPU throttling.
c) Screen and Hard drive cycling to ‘Never’.

Actually, one could probably make up a .reg file that would do all these tweaks in one go.

The video presenter still did the ‘Background’ preference tweak which I thought was no longer required for Cubase in Win 8. That is, now leave it at ‘Programs’. JSChild, could you please advise?

all power tweaks should be done yes including in the advanced… ESPECIALLY on laptops…
and yes we still do back ground but no longer fool with the memory tweaks…