Avoid editing multipletrack (not change in background notes, read topic)

Hello people! This is my first post! I was looking for some info in google but i can’t find anything!

Look this example! I got a Instrument track with a chord progression (Piano instrument), i created another IT (Instrument Track) to write some bass pattern, i open midi editor and active the option to just edit active layer, but if a click over a chord note, my editors moves from Bass track to Piano track! Is there a way to avoid move from the track with reference notes?

note: i used the pencil tool to write new notes, but if i need to use the cursor tool (1) to edit length or change position in bass pattern i can’t miss a note because my editor moves from bass track to piano track! T.T HELP!

Yeah there are a couple of things that can help. But first keep in mind that Cubase structures its MIDI Editors around MIDI Parts and not Tracks like most other DAWs. This difference can sometimes be conceptually confusing if you’re not aware of it.

There is a setting that can restrict which Parts are able to be edited

Also to make it easier to see which Notes belong to which Parts you can change the Note coloring from the default Velocity to Part

Also there is a Preference that will let you open multiple MIDI Parts in new Windows so they don’t need to share. space This is what I typically do.

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Hello Raino! Indeed, that’s what i do but… in your pictures, if i am editing purple notes and then i miss click on red notes, i left the purple edition and start to editing red notes! That’s what o want to avoid!