Avoid F1 going on internet help ?


Since 9.0.2, when I press ‘F1’ keyboard key, it launches default web browser and goes on inconvenient cubase help pages.
Same as the pdf file but with much less features than a good pdf reader and much much slowlier.

I hope this time, steinberg thought of doing it deactivable… But where ?? How ?? :imp:

No, but you can find the PDF on the website F1 opens.

Thanks. I’ve got it already. I just want to open it by pressing F1 like before !

I find this kind of stupid modification so … stupid ! When steinberg will understand to let the choice to user !? Now, to open the documentation, I must go back in windows ! Totally daft ! :unamused:

Agreed… it is lame.

Regards :sunglasses:

That we can agree on,

There should at least be a preference to point f1 to a pdf like before. I-and many studios-don’t have my studio computer hooked up to the internet.