Avoiding collisions between ties and ledger lines

Hello, newbie here. Have I overlooked an Engraving Option setting to avoid ties colliding with ledger lines specifically? I could of course expand gap between tie and notehead, but I’m generally happy with that as is. Here, Dorico allows what seems to be a collision between the tie & ledger line of the second note from the bottom.
Screenshot 2022-07-31 at 18.36.46

If you want to set “Length of ties in chords” to Uniform, and don’t want to increase the gap horizontally, giving a 1/4 space more in vertical separation seems to help. This setting …

… gets this result, if you’re satisfied with it:

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That result isn’t ideal because now the uppermost tie in the chord starts and ends directly on the middle staff line. Personally I find the closeness of the tie to the ledger line the lesser of two evils.

He was getting that result already in his image though so that’s unchanged. Personally, I don’t use the Uniform setting for length there so I end up with this by default:

It’s still starting and ending right on the middle line :man_shrugging: but maybe looks less strange since it’s closer to the notehead.

Factory settings are similar: