Avoiding "note off" / "note on" at chord transitions?

Sorry if this is a newbie question and I have tried my best to do my own research.

I love the flexibility of exploring various chord progressions using the chord track, but for some voice types (say choir), where there are common notes between adjacent chords I would like to avoid there being two separate midi events on those notes, ie avoid the “note off” / “note on” at the chord transition and hence avoid the attack and release on the instrument on the unchanged notes. I don’t really want a heap of manual editing of notes each time I try new chords.

Ideally I would like to say “For this track, in real time merge all midi events where an event starts at the end of the previous on the same note”.

Is this or similar possible, or even perhaps a very quick editing function to perform the same? Perhaps there is an easy way to mod the instrument at the Halion end (without affecting the sounding of non adjacent notes)?

I have looked at the transformer and doubt that it is powerful enough to do this, but could be wrong.

Thanks for any help.


PS - I appreciate the above will mean I will not be able to adjust velocity between chords,

Just thinking: what would happen if you selected all the midi events and touched them once with the glue tool?

Thanks for the suggestion, its a good one once I’ve finalised the chord progression but not whilst experimenting by changing the chords in the chord track. Although changing a chord creates the new requested chord notes it does not unglue the glued notes and delete what is no longer needed for the new chord. Chaos ensues!

I think I really am looking for a real time combining of adjacent note events.

Any other ideas?