Avoiding pops when exporting sections // how to add micro fading?

I am exporting a 1 hour seamless mix which I have structured into several tracks using the loop-marker. Almost all of my exported tracks are now abruptly cut off at the end, naturally. To deal with this, I have to edit every file and add a micro-fade at the end of it. I can probably just re-import everything into Cubase and add the fade in a “bulk” action by simply selecting all files at once and then exporting them again, but I was wondering if there was an easier way?

What are some common ways to achieve a “seamless” cut?

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Select all Audio Events and set the micro fade out in the Info Line for all selected Audio Events at once.

Yes that is my plan for the re-imported tracks. However, what do you do if you have a full arrangement with lots of virtual instruments that are not rendered in place? Ideally, I could assign some kind of function or tool to the “launch after render” function but I do not know of any tool that can add micro fades to audio except opening the files one-by-one and then doing it manually (i.e. Wavelab, Audacity or RX-8)

Why don’t you just set the loop markers a bit after the last sound decays so it doesn’t cut off immediately but in a silent section?
You could also just automate your master fader for each section so you get a volume fade out.

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Amazing, I will try to create a micro-fade using the master fader next time. Thanks so much! :+1:

this works perfectly! thanks again!