Awaiting Activation codes

I’ve been using Dorico for several years, and have decided to implement it for use in my Theory Classes. So far, it’s working like a charm, and many of the kids love it!
However, some of the students are having difficulty receiving their activation codes. I’ve stepped through the process with them, and it seems like they have been taking all the right steps, in the correct order.
Is there some recent problem with activation codes for Dorico 4.0? Most of the students have registered with no problem, but only a few are having issues. What should I advise them to do?
Anthony Cornicello

Do you find most difficulties arise on one OS (Mac, Windows) or version than on others?

No, both. It seems like the students are not receiving their codes, despite registering and getting a download access code. Also - they’re all working with Dorico 4.0

Anthony, I assume you’re encouraging your students to download Dorico SE? If you let me know how many students are missing their codes, I can send you a set to pass on to those who have not received their codes by email.

Hi Daniel,
That would be wonderful! I’ve emailed the students, so I should have a clear sense by Wednesday.


Hi Daniel,

It looks like I have around 10 students who did not receive activation codes. (I’m not sure if they’ve really followed the instructions exactly…). This is less than 1/3 of the students in the theory classes using Dorico, so it is not too bad. Thanks for your anticipated help.
I should mention that this is the first full semester we’re using Dorico in the classes. Since I’ve created my own textbook (actually a website), I’m in the process of replacing all my examples with Dorico files. So far, the students are enjoying it, and I love that they can hear their examples right away.

I will send you a dozen Dorico SE 4 codes via private message, Anthony. Please feel free to let me know if you need more, any time.


I’m not sure if you were waiting for a direct email from my own account, but I haven’t yet heard back about the codes I requested. If you want to send them to my email address - you can use or

Thank you,
Anthony Cornicello