Hey there,

now why can`t the mixer in Cubase7 look like this?

Here it is larger


Who said it can’t - or won’t be?

But I agree, that looks much more professional. I am hopeful that Cubase7 will see some significant GUI improvements.


Looks extremely cluttered to me. If the new mixer turns out like this, I hope a lot can be taken out of view.


Cluttered? You guys ever work on a real console (Neve, SSL)? That pic is NOT cluttered at all.


Very true.

Those machines are laid out as well
and efficient as mankind can do it. And a pleasure to use.

However I have also always believed physical buttons and switches etc
to be a type of limitation that users have to learn to deal with and work around.

That’s 1900’s tech. Way kool yes but still 1990’s tech.

Fast forward to the ‘Virtual Studio’ world where ultimately there should be
no such physical limitations.

Arjan P posted:

I hope a lot can be taken out of view.

This statement to me is key.

The ability to make what you touch or interface with to:
1-look like
2-feel like
3- be configured the way you want,
is the future that here now (touch screens, pads, phones, readers etc)
and rapidly growing.

Throw in liquid metal technology and ‘the sky is the limit’.


I have to side with curteye on this one. Consoles looked like that because there were limitations about where you could put things (due to the hardware itself). We don’t have to work like that when it comes to GUIs – we can completely (and arbitrarily) redesign everything based on what’s best for the workflow, period.

In fact sometimes I question this whole linear-scrolling-left-to-right thing for sequencing, it’s essentially a holdover from tape. I used to work in the Session view of Ableton Live from time to time, and I thought, man, this is more of the way a musician thinks…completely random access. Write the chorus first if you want.

But for now, here we are :wink:

I love this mixer but would be better with some color coding.
For me, Protools mixer is still one of the best.

That’s the fabled White Tie Imperial skin for Reaper.
Head over to the reaper forum for a look.

With a real analog console there is/was not much choice. In a digital mixer (hardware or software) there’s a lot of choice, and I’m glad I don’t have to look at the low band cutoff freq control of each and every channel all the time, for example. Don’t underestimate the distraction from your actual workflow with these things.

That’s a Reaper theme. White Tie did a great job on it. I’m using it now - it’s VERY good.


It’s just a couple of moving sliders. I don’t care what it looks like.
The customers don’t sit there going “Why isn’t it all shiny Like?!” :laughing:

I guess it makes someone look clever. :mrgreen:

The mixer in Reaper (and thus this theme) is MUCH more than a “couple of moving sliders.” And while this theme may not be for everyone, it certainly excels at what it does.
I’ve encouraged SB to move to a new mixer layout that allows us to view both sends and inserts at the same time. I suspect that may be in the works for Ver 7.
I always tell myself that “shiny” is’nt important but I do believe that Cubase is one good-looking DAW.

+1 Cubase is looking good

Still would like Steinberg to build on the alterations to colour/appearance available in prefs. perhaps provide some ready to go configurations as templates. And more tweakability so users can use it or not as they wish

  1. Importable Themes as an OPTION and everybody would be fine.
  2. It doesn`t take more CPU to draw an agly GUI than a nice GUI ;o)

Personally I have been doing a lot of Mixwork and I am thinking of getting Reaper for that.

Here’s the thing…To my eyes, Nuendo v1 looked better than either. Steinberg has gotten flatter and more cartoony with every release.

But, I also don’t really CARE. I would much rather them use the the f’n GPU for all screen draws, which actually effects function than make it look like an old mixer.

  1. It doesn`t take more CPU to draw an agly GUI than a nice GUI ;o)

Maybe they could do with you on the programming team. Somehow I can’t see them rushing. :mrgreen:
I think we’ve run out of things to complain about ladies. :mrgreen:

Would a new blue violin sound better than an old Stradivarius? Sure. It’d be Awesome! Speshly with green strings.:laughing:


‘O No Mr. Bill’!


I’m with you on this Rich! Logics mixer is a great layout in my opinion.
I’d love to see an eq preview…sends and inserts all in one view .

And nor would I want to. I want to work on Cubase, not an SSL, so I like things spaced out so I can use them nicely.

Plus if you implemented a nice looking GUI, that’s going to up the overhead of graphics, so it’s pointless really.