Awful bug or just a bs implementation?

Hi everyone,

I am pretty stuck here, can someone please shed light on this.

When trying to copy audio events inside Folders ( Ctrl-D ), Nuendo ( both 8.3.40 and 10.2 ) shortens the event lengths. When copying a few times, everything gets iteratively screwed.

The same happens when copying Range Selections. This pretty much fecks up any speedy workflow all together - unacceptable.

Please refer to these caps for further reference.

There’s lanes involved, fyi. Plus it does not happen with MIDI events, there it works as expected.

Thank you!


Try following, please:

  1. Select the Audio event.
  2. Double-check the Length in the Info View.
  3. Duplicate the Audio event.
  4. Double-check the Length in the Info View.
    -> Is the length the same, as it was for the 1st Audio event?

Repeat… Does the length remain?