Awful bug with custom busses not routing

For a long time, I’ve tried to set up routing so that Input A is used on a track that has Amplitube 4 on it, and then routes to Output Bass (not connected). Then, I want to record that audio on another track, and so I set that other track to have Output Bass as the input bus, and that track’s output is Stereo Out.

For some unknown reason, this doesn’t work. Any custom output bus I create will not work for routing audio. It’s frustrating, and costs me a lot of time in trying to find a way to DI record bass. A workaround I’m using is that I route Input A to the default to Mono Out bus, which I disconnect from all device ports, and then use Mono Out as the input for the track I wish to record to.

So, the default Mono Out bus works just like I expect it to, and as I want to have a bus work. However, any busses I create myself do not work for this.

Windows 7 64
i7 2600K